Statement Condemning the Mandatory Conscription Law

The Mandatory Conscription Law enacted by the State Administration Council [SAC] or the coup council is thrusting the country into an even deeper pit of hellfire.

This Mandatory Conscription Law will bring added misery to the more than 50 million people of Myanmar while currently also facing a general crisis.

The crisis deepens with soaring food prices and rampant inflation due to the ongoing military offensive against civilians, economic mismanagement, and stagnant wages.

This Mandatory Conscription Law will result in distrust that will lead to social collapse and Burma [Myanmar] will become a failed state.

The Mandatory Conscription Law proves that the military dictatorship is currently facing a crisis and this is their desperate attempt to hold onto power.

We have an opportunity to build genuine unity for the people's liberation movement to grow, despite the harsh conditions and challenges.

ABFSU carries on our legacy to uproot the Military Dictatorship. We are witnessing one of the final strongholds, one of the life vessels of Military Dictatorship, which is the Mandatory Conscription Law.

We pledge to continue fighting alongside the people of Burma without retreat.

All Comrades, the people, be alert and be prepared for the upcoming fights.

We call upon the international community to stand with the people of Burma [Myanmar] by isolating the Military Dictatorship by any means possible.

Ban Jet Fuel Sales to Myanmar Military
Stop the Blood Money Flow

Central Executive Committee
All Burma Federation of Student Unions

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