Aerial Bombing of Karenni School

Statement - 1/ABFSU/2024
Date - 5th Feb 2024

On February 5, 2024, at 10:00 am, when the students are studying, an airstrike by the fascist Myanmar military targeted the public school in Loinanfa Village, Demoso Township, Karenni State, killing 4 students between the ages of 11 and 13 and injuring many students [9 injured]. This action of the fascist military is a war crime that openly violates the rights of students and the people. BaKaTha strongly condemns the acts of terrors that the fascist military committed and are still committing to this day.

As long as the military dictatorship continues to exist, the rights of students and the people will continue to be destroyed. It is the utmost duty of the oppressed people of all classes in all mountains and plains of the nation to uproot the military dictatorship, the military clique and the military bureaucratic. We must unite and put an end to the military dictatorship.

We must unite and put an end to the military dictatorship. As such, ABFSU urges the oppressed people of the entire nation to continue the fight against the military dictatorship in all effective and correct methods. We pledge to all the fallen martyrs of our democratic struggles throughout history that we will march forward together with the oppressed people of the nation until we uproot the military dictatorship.

We call upon all progressive forces to support and join the people of Myanmar to isolate the Fascist Myanmar Military. Join us in demanding to end the airstrikes and Ban Jet Fuel exports to the Fascist Myanmar Military.

Central Executive Committee
All Burma Federation of Student Unions

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