Statement on the 87th Anniversary of the All Burma Federation of Student Unions

Announcement: 3/ABFSU/2023

Date: 2023, May 8

               Today, May 8, 2023, marks the 87th anniversary of the establishment of the All Burma Federation of Student Unions (ABFSU). We of ABFSU — ever in solidarity with the masses since the Colonial Era, the AFPFL Era, the Military Dictatorship Era to the current times of the power-usurping Fascist Government — have been at the forefront of the battle against colonialism and military dictatorship, and the fight for peace, democratic education, and protection of student rights. 

               After the recurrent coup d'état of February 1, 2021, the ABFSU has done 947 anti-military dictatorship activities such as on-the-ground strikes, organization of the masses, and distributing bulletins and pamphlets. During these activities, 11 ABFSU comrades have fallen because of the violent massacre of the fascist military, and 55 comrades including the vice-president Wai Yan Phyo Moe, a member of the Central Committee, have been captured— out of which 30 are unfairly detained in various prisons. Detained ABFSU comrades have each been given unjust court rulings ranging from 3-year prison terms to life sentences, the latter of which 2 comrades are serving while 1 has been sentenced to death. 

               In these times when the fascist military has violently seized power via the means of a coup d'état, the most important duty of the oppressed masses — comprised of people from all classes from highlands and plains alike — is to uproot and destroy the military dictatorship system solidly established upon the three pillars (three militaries): military governance, military echelons, and military bureaucracy. We must annihilate the fascist military tainted with the blood of the people and bring an end to military dictatorship. We of ABFSU thereupon exhort the oppressed masses to continue revolting against military dictatorship (three militaries) using all effective and righteous means. We of ABFSU solemnly swear, upon our comrades and the people who have valiantly fallen in their battles for Democracy throughout the ages, that ABFSU will continue our fierce fight to topple the military dictatorship (three militaries), together with the oppressed masses of the highlands and the plains.

“People of the Highlands and the Plains Unite! Fight the Three Militaries!”

“The People's Revolution for Democracy shall Prevail!”

Central Executive Committee

All Burma Federation of Student Unions


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