Statement on Ko Kaung Sat Paing (A.B.F.S.U)’s death penalty


2023, April 28

                Ko Kaung Sat Paing, a member of ABFSU, who was sentenced life-long imprisonment for protesting against the Burmese military junta and promoting democracy, has been additionally sentenced to death on April 25.

                Including the unjust imprisonments and death sentences on Ko Kaung Sat Paing by the military junta, we condemn all the ruthless killings, unfair trials and imprisonments, and the destruction that the junta has brought upon the people. We believe that all these unfair trials, judges, courts and sentences are obviously biased and one-sided. The Burmese military junta will be held responsible for all the atrocities that they have and will be committed. We would like to warn strongly that the Burmese military junta should immediately stop the brutality on the people.

                Nowadays, the fascist tyrant Min Aung Hlaing and his cronies are terrorizing over Burma. In such times, it is an important task to destroy the cancer at its root, which are the military government, its cronies and the military bureaucracy of the Burmese military junta in order to end military dictatorship and to promote peace and democracy. Therefore, we strongly urge the people of Burma to fight against military dictatorship with any possible means. We, ABFSU, swear in the name of the dead and the living people that fought for a better Burma, that we will fight in solidarity with people of Burmese hills and plains, to end military dictatorship.

Fight to end the military dictatorship!

The People’s Democratic Revolution shall prevail!

Central Executive Committee

All Burma Federation of Student Unions

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