Comrade Ko Htet Aung Htun from ABFSU was unjustifiably sentenced to 11 years in prison by Fascist Court Martial

2023 April 5th | ABFSU

Ko Htet Aung Htun, a Students Right Deputy of Ayardaw district Students Union(ABFSU) was unjustifiably sentenced to be captivated 11 years in prison imposed with 505(a) and 50(j) by Monywa district court on 29th March. Ko Htet Aung Htun's wife Ma Khine Zar Linn, was also  sentenced for 5 years in captivation .

Comrade​ Ko Htet Aung Htun and his wife Ma Khine Zar Linn were brutally seized in by SAC at Ayardaw-Monywa road on February 6th 2022 and sentenced as they were mete out to be and have been unlawfully detained at Monywa Prison.

Information & Communication Bureau

All Burma Federation of Student Unions (ABFSU)

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