Comrade Ma Su Thoon Paing from ABFSU was unjustifiably sentenced 3 years captivation by Fascist Court Martial

2023 March 31| ABFSU

Comrade Ma Su Thoon Paing, whom she is a member of No. 2 Basic Education Mayangon Students’ Union(ABFSU) was unjustly sentenced 3 years in captivation inculpated with 505(a) penal code from Mayangon district Court on 30th  of March.

18 years old ABFSU Comrade Ma Su Thoon Paing, who she is a basic education student was barbarically apprehended on 26th October 2022 and sentenced unjustly now on certain as promptly.

Information & Communication Bureau

All Burma Federation of Student Unions (ABFSU)

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