Statement by ABFSU Regarding the Sentencing of death to 7 Students of Dagon University who Fought for Democracy

Statement – 7/ABFSU/2022

Date: 1st Dec 2022

                     It has been announced that 7 students of Dagon University — Ko Khant Zin Win, Ko Thura Maung Maung, Ko Zaw Lin Naing, Ko Thiha Htet Zaw, Ko Hein Htet, Ko Thet Paing Oo, and Ko Khant Lin Maung Maung — haven been sentenced to death by the Military Junta on November 30 for their revolutionary activities in fighting against  military dictatorship.

                     These are the times marked by the people suffering extreme violence, cold-blooded murders and brutal oppression at the hands of the fascist Min Aung Hlaing and his military cronies who together orchestrated the 2021 coup d'état. The Military Junta has, and continued to commit an unconscionable number of massacres. The Junta's crimes of killing and arresting the people and looting their houses and belongings are plain for all to see. It is our strong opinion that the Junta's death sentence for the 7 students of Dagon University have been but handed out without any justice. We of the All Burma Federation of Student Unions completely denounce every single one of these lawless killings and imprisoning that have been perpetrated in the past or are currently ongoing. The Junta shall be held wholly responsible for their crimes and oppression.

                     It is a duty of utmost importance of the oppressed masses, comprised of people from all classes from highlands and plains alike, to annihilate the military dictatorship solidly established with the 3 pillars (3 militaries): military governance, military echelons, and military bureaucracy. We of ABFSU thereupon exhort the oppressed masses to revolt against military dictatorship (3 militaries) using all effective and righteous means. We of ABFSU solemnly swear upon the people who have valiantly fallen in their continuous battles for Democracy, that ABFSU will continue our fight to topple the military dictatorship (3 militaries), together with the oppressed masses of the highlands and the plains.

The Revolution is unstoppable even in the face of death sentences, torture, and burnt down villages and towns.

“Down with the 3 militaries!”

“Long live the Revolution!”

Central Executive Committee

All Burma Federation of Student Unions

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