Joint Statement on the Torture of Political Prisoners inside Insein Prison

December 13, 2021

Waiyan Phyoe Moe, Vice President of the All Burma Federation of Student Unions, and Laypyay Soe Moe, Responsible Person of Student Rights of the University of Yangon Students' Union, have been reported to be severely beaten and tortured owing to their participation in the Silent Strike along with 89 other political prisoners. They have also been said to be moved from the Special Ward to the Main Jail to be isolated in solitary confinement.

With regards to this situation, we humbly request the public to help with the:
I. Unexceptional release of all political detainees, and
II. The rights of the detainees such as healthcare and security.

The current conditions of our comrades inside the prison is extremely distressing. We hereby implore the masses and the revolutionary forces fighting for the annihilation of the military dictatorship to stand in solidarity with our comrades and help them as best we can as per the updates on the situation.

All Burma Federation of Student Unions
University of Yangon Students' Union

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